Porzellan mit Gefängnis-Tattoo Motiven

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From Russia with love: Die Künstlerin Valerian Monis malt russische Knast-Tattoos auf Porzellan. Gutes Porzellan für besondere Anlässe versteht sich.


I’m a petersburg woman! they call us whore priestesses of sex, but we give men joys with our bodies, the supreme pleasure is orgasm!’
202 ligovsky prospect. 1979


1960s: the cat evokes a successful thief and the tattoo forms a connection with the criminal world forever.


I call to you, i wait for you, i will drink you drop by drop, my love’
hip, stomach and occasionally other body parts


vologda transit Prison, 1950s: humorous hooligan tattoo, typical in corrective labour camps in the north
common name: ‘misha the accordion player’

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