Das Hologramm des Jahres – die Taliban-zerstörten Buddhas wieder da

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Wir mögen Hologramme. Sie sind so schön bunt und ungewöhnlich. Dieses Hologramm gefällt uns aber noch mehr, als die anderen. Dieses Hologramm strahlt etwas positives aus.

On the weekend of June 6th and 7th, two giant Buddha statues destroyed by Taliban forces in 2001 were resurrected using 3D projection technology. Known as the Buddhas of Bamyan, the two structures, towering over 100 feet, were carved into the sandstone cliffs of Bamyan Valley, Afghanistan, and had watched over the area since the sixth century. They once served as an important site of pilgrimage for Buddhists. When the Taliban deemed the Buddhas false idols, they obliterated them using tanks and artillery shells. The damage was extensive, and in the years since there has been much debate on how — or even if — they could be repaired. UNESCO named the ruins a site of World Heritage in Danger in 2003.

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