Spoiled.io: Endlich den Freunden die Lieblingserie vermiesen!

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Eine neue Dienstleitung wurde entdeckt, die unser Leben fortan bereichern wird. Mit Spoiled.io werden neue Horizonte beschritten und Netflix’ neuer Feind ist geboren:

Do your friends love Game of Thrones, but watch it after it airs? Are you a terrible friend? Great!

For just $0.99, Spoiled will anonymously and ruthlessly text spoilers to your unsuspecting friends after each new episode airs. Afterwards, sit back, relax, and follow Spoiled on Twitter to see how your friends react.

What happens after I pay?
After the next Game of Thrones episode airs, Spoiled.io will text shocking revelations to the number you enter.

How long will the texts last?
For the rest of the season.

Why would you do this?
We were inspired by this delightful story.

Will they know where the texts are coming from?
A man is no one.

How do you sleep at night?
Pretty well, actually. I have a machine that simulates the sound of the ocean.

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