Die Mondverschwörung

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Wer heute Abend nicht die Nationalmannschaft sondern das echte Deutschland erleben will, dem empfehlen wir wärmstens die Dokumentation “Die Mondverschwörung”:

“During his work as chief reporter for DDC-TV, a German-speaking television station in the USA, Dennis Mascarenas has met some pretty strange people and gotten into quite a few hairy situations. But when he is asked to make a film about the Germans’ relationship to the moon, it is the beginning of the craziest and most unbelievable assignment of his career. ‘The Moon Conspiracy’ is like a glimpse into Pandora’s Box: it takes Dennis and his audience on a surreal journey into hidden universes, only to end up at the frozen bottom of the German soul.” (imdb.com)

Hier nun gratis und in voller Länge: